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Fundacja Ochrony Dziedzictwa Żydowskiego




About us

The board of directors:

Chairman - Lucy Lisowska

Secretary - Anna Danilewicz

Treasurer- Przemysław Lisowski

Jacob Kuperberg - a honorary member, a lawyer from Israel

The audit committee:

Krystyna Szematowicz

Agnieszka Budrecka


The aims of our organization are as follows:

·      to care for the Jewish cultural heritage

·      to care about and propagate the Jewish and Israeli culture and tradition

·      to popularize good relations between nations

·      to participate in creation and coordination of direct contacts, especially contacts between youth from Israel with youth from Poland

·      to prepare and conduct lectures aimed at overcoming mutual prejudices and barriers

 Bank account number:

Galeria Zdjęć
Galeria Zdjęć
Galeria Zdjęć
Galeria Zdjęć
Galeria Zdjęć
Galeria Zdjęć
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